Making a Donation

Throughout your career, the future of behavior analysis has been at the center of your concern. Continued advances in research and favorable outcomes in diverse applications have grown the science and practice of behavior analysis over the years. Growth and development of the field have been the products of passionate dedication and generosity.


Hard work and adequate funding are the potent resources needed to sustain research efforts, development new treatment programs, expand academic offerings and encourage new talent. Your life’s work will be the legacy of the next generation of behavior analysts. Your experience and continued financial support will shape the future.


Giving Levels

SABA encourages giving at all levels, from individuals as well as organizations, to promote investment in the future of the field. This is an opportunity for everyone to contribute.


Major donors will not only provide a legacy for the field of behavior analysis; they will also be recognized at the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) headquarters, where SABA operations are handled. Gold, Silver, and Bronze level donors will be acknowledged on a donor recognition installation Understanding behavior, transforming lives, shaping our future (2014­–2015), as well as on the SABA website. The donor wall, while site specific, can be disassembled and moved should ABAI’s headquarters ever change.


Major donors will have a custom architectural glass tile etched with their name, photo, and year of donation. Tiles will be specific to the level of giving, and will float on a wire cable system in front of ABAI’s rough concrete block lobby wall. Gold-level donors will receive a prototype of their tile. Major donors will also be recognized on the SABA website, with a photo and the opportunity to describe the personal significance of supporting the field as a major donor.

Major donors are categorized as follows:


Gold: $50,000 and above


Silver: $20,000 and above


Bronze: $10,000 and above


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Legacy Planned Giving Program

Planned giving is a deliberate and thoughtful approach to philanthropy that considers charitable donations as an integral part of your personal financial and estate planning. A planned giving program enables you to make significant charitable contributions now or in the future with tax-saving advantages. Various deferred contribution plans allow you to retain an interest in your assets throughout your lifetime while making secure provision for their distribution.