ABAI Student Member Registration Campaign Grants

We hope you and your family are safe and healthy. Members of the behavioral community are contributing to help ABAI Student members whose funding has been curtailed due to the COVID-19 pandemic attend the 46th Annual Convention at 75% off the registration fee.

As you know, the ABAI annual convention offers unequaled opportunities for learning and exposure to the most current advancements in research, theory, practice, and education. From May 23-25, you will be able to choose among 300 total presentations--approximately 19 simultaneous sessions per hour. If there is more than one event you wish to attend in each hour, note that recordings of all presentations will be available through June 1.

You may also attend professional development series sessions, participate in poster sessions featuring more than 500 individual posters, visit exhibitors, and even interview for jobs in our virtual rooms. Also check out the Expo to keep abreast of educational opportunities and learn about all the organizations that form our behavioral community and attend reunions and business meetings.

Although we hope to help all Student members, support will depend on donations received. To apply for the grant, you must be a current ABAI Student member.

If you are awarded a grant, you will receive a note including the email address of the donor who made your particular grant possible.

We look forward to seeing you soon at our first virtual convention.





Current Donors

We would like to thank the following people and organizations who have  donated to this grant so far:


Adam Doughty
Adam Fox
Amy Kenzer
Andresa De Souza
Barbara Kaminski
Carrie Turnbull
Catherine Copsey
Catherine Green
Charles Wills
Claudia Villari
Cynthia Pietras
Daniel Fienup
David Pyles
Dawn O'Neill
Dr Francisco J Barrera
Edward Morris
Elizabeth Meshes
Erin Rasmussen
Ezra Hall
Gabrielle Lee
Gladys Williams
Greg Stikeleather
Gregory Harper
Harold and JeNeal Miller
Kent Johnson
Jacob Sadavoy
Jannica Pozuelos
Jim Cowardin
Joseph Vedora
Julia Fiebig
Juliana Marcus
Karen Lionello-DeNolf
Kate Kellum
Kelly Higby-Gleue
Kelly Kohler
Kimberly Mosca
Kimberly Zoder-Martell
Kristina Osborne
Kristine Quinby
Larry Alferink
Leonard Green
Linda Heitzman-Powell
Linda Yi
Lorraine Burwell Woodruff
Maira Saeed
Maria Malott
Maribel Stikeleather
Marjorie Hayward
Mark Alavosius
Mark Galizio
Mark Mattaini
Martha Pelaez
Martina Pepin
Mary Lou Kerwin
Matthew McLoughlin
Menna Mahrous
Michael Walraven
Molino Family
Noor Syed
North Carolina Association for Behavior Analysis
Paul Brandon
Paul Guinther
Pete Molino
Peter Killeen
Peter Sturmey
Ramona Houmanfar
Rita Honan
Robyn Catagnus
Rocio Rosales
Roger Addison
Roger Addison
Ronnie Detrich
Ruth Hurst
Ryoji Nishiyama
Sharon Chien
Sheila Gonzalez
Sigrid Glenn
Spain ABA
Stephanie Hood
Terence Blackwell
Teresa Camille Kolu
Theodore Schoneberger
Thomas Brigham
Tina Covington
Tom Szabo
Tony Gelabert




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Grant Recipient List

The following students have been awarded the 2020 Student Member Registration Grant.


Abril Lopez Cervantes
Alan Haberman
Alex Nielsen
Alexandra Rothstein
Arleen Ruizcalderon
Ashley Hanzes
Ashley Owens
Austin Sargent
Brandon Logan
Brandon Logan
Brittany Batton
Carla Miller
Carmen Albernas Acosta
Carmen Caruthers
Cecilia de la Cruz
Chaidamoyo Dzenga
Chantelle Ryan
Charlotte Magnan
Cheyenne Cody-Da Rosa
Chrona Conley
Claudia Puchetti
Elana Sickman
Erica Vogt
Erik Godinez
Gabriela Furtado
Guifeng Xu
Jacqueline Jensen
James Nuse
Jason Church
Jessica Maldonado
Jordan Lill
Jules Ochoa
Kaci Ellis
Kade-Ann Henry
Katherine Davin
Kayla Rogover
Kayla Welch
Kelsey Dachman
Kenneth Burleigh
Kristina Marchenko
Kristina McGinnis
Kylie Baima
Laura Howenstine
Laura Joyce (Haley)
Laurel Giacone
Lauren Massara
Lila Elhalawany
Lily Heitz
Lisa Krank
Mandana Abedi Koupaei
Megan Kirby
Meghan Edwards-Bowyer
Mélina Boulé
Michael Ota
Michael Passage
Morgan Friday
Nancy Gomez
Nazurah Khokhar
Nicholas Maio
Nicole Higgins
Patricia Kilby
Paula Cuevas López
Rachel Kaplan
Rebecca Harmon
Rebecca Kohl
Rebecca Pincott
Rocky Perez
Sam Sebastian
Samantha Dyer
Sarah Robison
Saratessa Means
Shannon Luoma
Sian Price
Stephanie Cran
Sydney Salgueiro
Tammi McCoy
Taylor McIntyre
Theoni Mantzoros
Tomas Urbina
Toni Semler
Tracy Sinclair
Zakaria Mestari