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Grant application deadline: February 8, 2023

Submissions that do not meet the specified requirements or that are incomplete will not be reviewed.

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Applicant Qualifications

Include any relevant experience you have in behavior analysis (work experience, academic experience, conventions attended, etc.). Preference will be given to applicants demonstrating evidence of a strong analytical repertoire. Please indicate what person(s) will be responsible for developing the project, with summarized vitae information, and how the project will achieve the professional goals of the recipient(s).

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Project Description

Please provide a detailed description of the aims of the project. Specifically, explain how the grant will be used to implement the project. Preference will be given to those descriptions in which the scope is clearly outlined, with measurable goals. Please also indicate whether the proposed project builds on existing initiatives, or is entirely new, as well as what permanent products the project will result in. Projects that expand behavior science into new areas are especially encouraged. If your project includes translation, please specify which materials will be translated and please describe the qualifications of the translator.

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Please specify the country or countries where the proposed project will take place.

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Project Area

Preference will be given to projects that affect quality education in behavior analysis, research development, or application of behavior analysis.

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Impact on Communities of Concentrated Disadvantage

Preference will be given to projects that promote the use of behavior science to address the problems of communities of concentrated disadvantage. Additional information can be found here.

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Higher Education
  • Accreditation. Many international programs have outstanding training and are not seeking accreditation because they do not have the financial resources. The ABAI accreditation system offers a resource visit, where experts go to the program and help develop and complete an application. The fee charged is for costs for the visiting expert and is determined on a case-by-case basis. An International Development Grant could be used by programs to offset these costs.
  • ABAI Culturo-Behavior Science (CBS) verified course sequences or other specialized VCSs. The CBS sequence includes three components: basic principles of behavior analysis, behavioral systems analysis, and experiential learning. Funding could be provided to assist with the development of one or more sequence components.
  • Collaboration. Institutions that compete with one another could be encouraged to collaborate. Grants could be issued for projects between higher education institutions or institutions and other organizations that collaborate and share resources.
  • Videos. ABAI videos are available to view at no cost to members. Video packages have also been used for university training to complement coursework, including in Mexico. Many institutions and individuals could benefit from the translation of ABAI’s online video presentations to languages other than English. Grants could be issued for translation, allowing dissemination to non-English-speaking communities.
  • Articles. ABAI has five journals and is in the process of acquiring a sixth, which together have 19 issues a year. SABA could grant translation of articles or special issues of the journals. Funding could be considered based on the number of articles to be translated. This would require permission to translate from Springer, which is possible.
  • ABAI books. ABAI is in the process of publishing four books, with plans for a fifth, on the topics of behavior science perspectives on culture and community; acceptance and commitment therapy for behavior analysts; applied behavior science in organizations; scientific methods in behavior analysis; and women behaving: academic careers in behavior analysis. ABAI also has the copyrights to Concepts and Principles in Behavior Analysis. SABA could provide grants to individuals to translate these books.
Expanding Science
  • Travel grants. SABA could grant presenters, especially poster presenters, support to attend ABAI events to present research in areas other than autism and developmental disabilities. Travel grants could encourage presentations in less represented areas.
  • Collaboration. SABA could provide grants for research or projects that incorporate input from, and involve collaboration with, other disciplines, which could be presented at the ABAI annual convention or single track, special topic conferences.
Please provide a brief rationale for the selected project area. (Required; 2,000 character maximum)

Sustainability and Long-Term Impact
Please describe the value the project will add in developing behavior analysis internationally. Include details of the possible impact of this project, specifically addressing the project's sustainability. Also indicate the estimated number of people who would participate in the project, how their experience in the project might change their work long term, and how media would be incorporated (100-word maximum recommended): (Required; 2,000 character maximum)

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Provide a clear description of how the funds will be used. The specification must add up to the amount requested. Other secured funding should also be identified, along with its source(s) (see "Matching Funding" below). Funding for hospitality/refreshments, stipends for the applicant or administrative or graduate assistance will not be granted. Time and labor should come from in-kind support.

Matching Funding: (Required; 2,000 character maximum)

Priority is given to applicants whose institutions/universities will match funding. Please describe matching funding (100-word maximum recommended).

Note: Submissions that do not meet the specified requirements or that are incomplete will not be reviewed.


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