John & Jan Cone Charitable Fund


"John and Jan Cone began their teaching careers at West Virginia University in 1970, he in psychology and she in behavioral medicine.  Over the years their work was increasingly informed by behavior analysis. Concerned with the usefulness of large service delivery systems in a region of relative under-service, they came to appreciate the contribution the science of behavior could make to improving the quality of peoples’ lives.  Support for organizations such as SABA is vitally important for these contributions to continue.  We are happy to help with this gift."


With an AB in psychology from Stanford University and an MS and Ph.D. from the University of Washington Dr. John Cone joined the clinical psychology program at WVU as its first faculty member trained in behavior analysis. During 18 years there he became known for his work in behavior assessment and the application of behavior analysis to large scale problems.  He was a co-founder and editor of Behavioral Assessment and published books in that discipline (Behavioral Assessment: New Directions in Clinical Psychology, with R. P. Hawkins; Evaluating Outcomes:  Empirical Tools for Effective Practice).  Cone was concerned that the nascent field of environmental psychology was dominated by research on the effects of environmental variables on behavior. He and his students sought to reverse this by studying how behavior affected the environment (Environmental Problems/Behavioral Solutions, with S. C. Hayes).  His research and program development through the years has been generously supported by grants from federal, state, and local agencies.  A major product of this support was The West Virginia System, perhaps the most comprehensive set of behavior analytic procedures yet developed for teaching skills to persons with developmental disabilities. In addition, his evaluations of the effectiveness of community-wide early intervention for children with autism have helped inform services for such children in Southern California. He is certified in behavior analysis and is a fellow of both the American Psychological Association and the Association for Psychological Science. In addition to West Virginia University, Dr. Cone has taught at the University of Puget Sound, University of Hawaii, San Diego State University, and C.S.P.P, Alliant International University, San Diego, where he is currently professor emeritus of clinical psychology.