Maria Malott

"Behavior analysis has the potential to change the world. But changing the world takes resources, and I have been so impressed over the decades with the creativity, vision, and passion of both those who have benefited from SABA and those who have supported it. SABA has made scores of student research projects possible, and has allowed our field to make inroads all across the globe. This is an organization that takes its mission seriously, and that operates with the utmost efficiency, and so I am truly proud to contribute to its work."


Dr. Malott has been a visiting scholar at 32 universities in 15 different countries and has served as an affiliated faculty member at five universities. She has served on four editorial boards and is the author of a book on organizational change, published in Spanish and in English, and co-author of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th editions of one of the most widely used and often-translated textbooks in behavior analysis, Elementary Principles of Behavior. Dr. Malott was the recipient of the 2003 Award for International Dissemination of Behavior Analysis and the 2012 Award for Distinguished Service to Behavior Analysis from the Society for the Advancement of Behavior Analysis, as well as the 2004 Award for Outstanding Achievement in Organizational Behavior Management. In 1993, she agreed to serve as part-time executive director of the Association for Behavior Analysis and is now its CEO. Within a few short years, the association rose from near-bankruptcy to become a financially stable scientific and professional organization. Her organizational behavior management skills have been applied to every aspect of the operation of ABAI, which serves more than 6,000 members and is the parent organization of more than 80 affiliated chapters.