The ABAI Executive Council, except for the Student Representative, serves as the SABA Board of Directors. The Past President of ABAI serves as the President of SABA, and the President of ABAI serves as SABA's Vice President. Likewise, ABAI's Executive Secretary-Treasurer acts as SABA's Secretary-Treasurer. The six additional ABAI Council members complete the SABA Board of Directors.



M. Jackson Marr, Ph.D. (2015–2018)
Georgia Institute of Technology


Vice President
Michael Dougher, Ph.D. (2016–2019)
University of New Mexico



Mark Galizio, Ph.D. (2016–2019)
University of North Carolina Wilmington


M. Christopher Newland, Ph.D. (2017–2020)
Auburn University


Cynthia Anderson, Ph.D. (2015–2018)
May Institute


Per Holth, Ph.D. (2017–2020)
Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences


Christina A. Alligood, Ph.D. (2015–2018)
Disney's Animal Kingdom


Mark Mattaini, Ph.D. (2017–2020)
Jane Addams College of Social Work, University of Illinois at Chicago



Maria E. Malott, Ph.D.
Association for Behavior Analysis International