2011: Adrienne Juarascio

Drexel University

Adrienne Juarascio is an assistant research professor in the Department of Psychology at Drexel University. Her research and clinical interests focus on third-generation cognitive behavioral therapies for eating and anxiety disorders. She is also interested in relational frame theory and the predictive validity of a thin-ideal Implicit Relational Assessment Procedure for changes in weight, disordered eating, and body dissatisfaction during the freshman year of college. Adrienne's research focuses on the efficacy of acceptance and commitment therapy as a treatment for eating disorders. Previous work demonstrated that acceptance and commitment therapy was more effective than standard cognitive behavioral therapy at treating subthreshold eating pathology in a group of depressed or anxious patients presenting for treatment at a student counseling center. Her doctoral dissertation assessed whether the addition of acceptance and commitment therapy groups to treatment as usual at a residential treatment facility for eating disorders can improve treatment outcomes. Adrienne hopes to continue this line of research, with the goal of developing more effective treatments for eating disorders.


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