2014: Apral Foreman


West Virginia University


Apral Foreman developed an interest in behavior analysis as an undergraduate, and experience with individuals with intellectual disabilities motivated her to learn more about behavior analysis. As an undergraduate, she took courses in applied behavior analysis, the experimental analysis of behavior, and intellectual disabilities. She also gained field experience in functional analysis, direct observation, and interacting with individuals with disabilities. Currently, Apral is working toward a Ph.D. in behavior analysis at West Virginia University. Her research interests focus on the assessment and treatment of challenging behavior, with particular emphasis on the role of transitions. Apral hopes to explore the relations between laboratory and applied evaluations of transitions by replicating her master’s thesis procedure in a human-operant preparation. Additionally, she recently completed a project investigating child engagement and challenging behavior during transitions between classroom activities. She is also developing research projects to evaluate behavior-environment relations within the classroom using descriptive analyses, as well as treatment integrity during timeout procedures. Apral is ultimately interested in understanding more about the processes governing complex human behaviors and hopes to use this understanding to better the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.




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