2012: Celine Paeye

University of Lille Nord de France

Celine Paeye studied psychology at the University of Lille Nord de France. She was awarded a 3-year grant from the French Ministry of Research to conduct her thesis project. During her graduate studies Celine has expanded her knowledge of both psychophysics and experimental behavior analysis, focusing her research on the control of oculomotor dimensions by the functional consequences of eye movements; one of the studies she carried out with Dr. Laurent Madelain was published in the Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior in 2011. More specifically, she investigates the role of behavioral variability on motor control and on the emergence of new sensorimotor responses. Her long-term goal is to further investigate the effects of operant reinforcement on oculomotor control in the operant learning framework, which provides an alternative to current cognitive and computational theories of motor control by postulating a general learning mechanism. Since the beginning of her graduate studies she has worked as an assistant professor in the psychology department of the University of Lille Nord de France; she has taught behavior analysis principles and general psychology as well as statistics to undergraduate students, and has supervised the writing of master's theses.


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