2013: Joseph Cihon


University of North Texas


As an undergraduate, Joseph Cihon worked as a service provider for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). In this context he first received training in the clinical application of behavior analytic principles to facilitate communicative, social, and academic skills in children with ASDs. This training instilled in him a deep and long-lasting interest in the science of behavior analysis. Joe is currently pursuing his master's degree at the University of North Texas (UNT). His interactions with the faculty and other students have served to widen his interests. In addition, his participation in several research and clinical laboratories has led him to take an interest in basic and translational research. In fact, the integration of the rigors of basic research with the socially relevant concerns of applied research has come to be a defining feature of his research interests. Joe seeks to apply current knowledge about the acquisition, development, and maintenance of stimulus control to the problem of skin self-examinations and skin-cancer detection. He plans to pursue a doctoral degree following his graduation from UNT.




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