2012: Kate A. Koehler-Platten

St. Cloud State University

Kate Koehler-Platten's clinical experience with children and interest in behavior analysis motivated her to pursue a master's degree in applied behavior analysis at St. Cloud State University. Her thesis is titled "Using a Lag Reinforcement Schedule to Increase Phonemic Variability in Children with Developmental Delays." The purpose of the study is to determine if a lag reinforcement schedule is effective for (1) increasing variability in speech sounds and (2) broadening the phonemic repertoire in young children with delayed vocal repertoires. Kate's research and clinical interests include procedures for establishing early vocal, pre-verbal, and alternative forms of communication; collaboration with speech and language pathologists; best practice procedures in early intervention for children with autism; and clinic-based research in applied settings. After graduation, Kate hopes to work as a behavior analyst providing intensive behavioral intervention to children with autism spectrum disorders while continuing to conduct research in the area of early language acquisition. Kate would like to thank the Society for the Advancement of Behavior Analysis for its continued support of student research. She would also like to thank Tara Bertone at Autism Matters for her support in carrying out this research.


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