2003: Kazuhiro Goto

University of Exeter

Kazuhiro Goto's MSc dissertation, co-authored with his supervisor, Stephen Lea, and his collaborator, Winand Dittrich, investigated movement discrimination by pigeons, and was published in Animal Cognition in 2002. The dissertation investigated category discrimination, feature analysis, and stimulus control by holistic and elemental features of static and movement stimuli in pigeons and humans. One of the experiments that formed part of the thesis was published in the Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior. He is honored to have received the SABA EAB grant and is enthusiastic about developing further research projects. He is also very keen to meet and collaborate with peers to extend his research fields; his undergraduate work on behavioral neuroscience in Tokyo earned him co-authorship on a paper in Physiology and Behavior, and at the University of Exeter he has shared in the teaching of animal behavior fieldwork, supervising projects on seals, grazing animals, and marine birds.


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