2012: Ludmila Miranda Dukoski

Auckland University

Ludmila Miranda Dukoski graduated with a BSc from the University of Auckland (New Zealand) in late 2009. She then moved on to the BSc (Hons) postgraduate degree, with Professor Michael Davison as her supervisor. In that program, she investigated how preference following food delivery is affected by very rapid changes in food ratios over time. This project became the basis for her Ph.D., in which she continues to investigate local changes in preference following food delivery under the supervision of Professor Davison and Associate Professor Douglas Elliffe. Other research interests include behavioral momentum approaches to assess the effects of stimulus context on relapse of extinguished operant behavior as well as stimulus discrimination in a more-than-two keys procedure. Upon completing her Ph.D., Ludmila hopes to continue both teaching and conducting research in an area related to her Ph.D. topic in an academic setting.


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