2014: Marissa Turturici


West Virginia University


Marissa Turturici began graduate study at West Virginia University in 2012. She is currently collecting data for her master's thesis under the supervision of Dr. Karen Anderson. Marissa's work involves drug effects on delay discounting in two genetically distinct strains of rats. In particular, she is examining how responding on a delay-discounting task under d-amphetamine may be altered when rats are housed in same-strain pairs. She has taught Introduction to Psychology and the laboratory portion of the course Behavior Principles, in which students observe the fundamental processes underlying behavior using live animals. Marissa hopes to earn a doctoral degree and find a postdoctoral position. She is especially interested in the relation between impulse control and substance abuse. Her other interests include drug tolerance, neurological underpinnings of substance abuse, and conditioned reinforcement. Her research and teaching experiences have influenced her goal to obtain a faculty position at a university where she can continue research in behavioral pharmacology. Ultimately, she hopes to gain insight into the mechanisms by which environmental variables affect behavioral outcomes.




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