2011: Meredith Berry


Utah State University


Meredith Berry earned her MS from Utah State University (USU) under the direction of Amy Odum, who helped to expand both her perspective on behavior analysis and her research interests. Meredith's interests include relapse of operant responding; the influence of context on relapse of conditional discrimination; factors affecting remembering, expression of match-to-sample, and delayed matching-to-sample performance; resistance to change; sensitization; and the influence of attention and mood induction on impulsivity and self-control. While pursuing various research interests and working toward academic goals, Meredith hopes to contribute to the understanding of contextual cues on resistance to change and relapse by extending relapse preparations to conditional discrimination performance. Meredith would like to thank the Society for the Advancement of Behavior Analysis for supporting graduate student research. She would also like to thank her undergraduate and graduate mentors, collaborators, and everyone in the experimental psychology science labs at USU.




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