2012: Nathaniel Hall


University of Florida


As an undergraduate, Nathaniel Hall began assisting in behavioral research under the direction of Clive Wynne. Nathaniel conducted his first experiment on point-following behavior in megachiropteran bats and later helped conduct an experiment under the direction of Monique Udell on the stimulus properties that influence the point-following behavior of pet dogs. Nathaniel's interests led him to pursue behavior analysis at the University of Florida, where he has studied different methods to systematically train dogs to alert to a novel odor. Nathaniel plans to use the systematic procedure developed from his first study to look at the variables that control acquisition and maintenance of odor detection in dogs. Nathaniel hopes to obtain a Ph.D. in behavior analysis and continue behavioral research as a post doc, and later, as a professor. He hopes his research will answer basic questions about the variables that influence olfaction, and will be directly applicable to detector-dog training programs. Nathaniel thanks the Society for the Advancement of Behavior Analysis for its support. He would also like to thank Clive Wynne and all of his lab mates for their support and encouragement. Nathaniel's research was published in Learning and Behavior.




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