2013: Renee Renda


Utah State University


At Utah State University, Renee Renda is working with Dr. Gregory Madden to study the relation between steep delay discounting and executive dysfunction. For her master’s thesis, she is providing rats with extensive working-memory training in an attempt to improve executive function. If executive function is causally related to delay discounting, then this training should increase preferences for larger-later (over smaller-sooner) food rewards. Because steeply devaluing delayed rewards is robustly correlated with behavioral maladies like substance dependence, this line of research could potentially lead to translational research. Upon earning her MS, Renee will pursue her Ph.D. Her long-term goals are to obtain a university faculty position and continue basic research while teaching courses in behavior analysis. She hopes to inspire students in the same way her mentors and colleagues have inspired her. Renee would like to thank SABA and all who contribute financially to its mission for supporting student research.




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