2004: Shawn Charlton

University of California, San Diego

Upon completion of his undergraduate studies, Shawn made the move to the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) to complete his Ph.D. At UCSD, he worked with Dr. Edmund Fantino researching a variety of topics including the accuracy of using the “difference” or the “ratio” between choice options in the development of quantitative models of choice behavior; a series of projects modeling human decision making using the predictions from behavioral models of choice with data collected through traditional judgment and decision-making methodology; a series of technological experiments on non-edible, consumable forms of reinforcement for use with human research participants; and a group of studies on the interactions between events occurring within individual trials and those events that occur between individual trials (intratrial events versus intertrial events). While these projects address several very distinct topics, they are all a part of an overall research agenda aimed at understanding how primary behavioral processes are assembled to construct complex behaviors such as self-control and, of greatest importance to Shawn, social cooperation.


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