2015: Skyler Rueb

University of North Texas

Skyler Rueb received her bachelor’s degree in applied behavioral science from the University of Kansas (KU). She was introduced to the field of behavior analysis by Dr. Keith Miller when she took one of his classes. During her time at KU, Skyler had the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience in both clinical and research environments. She was a behavior therapist in Dr. James Sherman’s Kansas Early Autism Program and a lead classroom teacher in Dr. Claudia Dozier’s Educare Preschool Program. Skyler also participated as an undergraduate research assistant in the design, implementation, and evaluation of behavioral projects in Dr. Dozier’s research laboratory. 


Skyler is presently pursuing her master’s degree at the University of North Texas. She has assisted with multiple projects in Drs. Shahla Ala’i-Rosales and Jesus Rosales-Ruiz’s North Texas Autism Project laboratory. These projects have consisted of improving staff training procedures, a system analysis of a local clinic, and the development of a lab training module.


Skyler is also an active member of Dr. Jonathan Pinkston’s behavioral pharmacology laboratory, where she will conduct her thesis research. The purpose of Skyler’s study is to determine whether novel handheld technology can be used to record reliably natural drinking patterns in college populations. More specifically, her research will determine the efficiency of remote prompts in conjunction with contingent monetary reward for obtaining breath-alcohol samples wirelessly over several weeks. The findings of this study may have implications for the development of remote/outpatient therapies to treat alcohol use disorders, which have the advantages of both reducing costs and increasing availability to treatment.


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