2017: Alison Cox

Ontario Association for Behaviour Analysis

Together with funding from the Ontario Association for Behaviour Analysis, the SABA International Development Grant will assist in the development of best practice guidelines for supporting adults with intellectual disabilities (ID) and challenging behavior in Ontario, Canada. The proposed guidelines would incorporate best practice suggestions from all relevant areas of behavior analytic work, including literature from the field of organizational behavior management, in order to make recommendations at the systems level. This project has a wide scope with an immediate goal of completing the guidelines, while the long-term objective includes encouraging Ministry of Community and Social Services representatives to adopt these guidelines as a way to direct agencies that support clients with ID and challenging behavior. Guidelines completion would provide the basis for initiating a discussion with policy makers, with the terminal goal of enhancing community agencies’ infrastructure across the province. This could ultimately serve to improve the climate for behavior analysts working in community settings with adults with challenging behavior and ID.


Alison Cox, Ph.D., is a co-chair of the Ontario Scientific Expert Taskforce for the Treatment of Challenging Behaviour. In this role she will be involved in the oversight and coordination of every aspect of the guidelines project, including developing and liaising with the expert panel, directing graduate research assistants, and dissemination.


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