2017: Fernanda Oda

University of Houston-Clear Lake

Since F. S. Keller came to Brazil in the 1960s, behavior analysis has been growing there. A Fonte e a Ponte (translated as “the Fountain and the Bridge”) is an initiative focused on building a bridge between the two largest communities of behavior analysts: Brazil and the fountain of behavior analysis—the US. This personal project started in 2015, when Fernanda S. Oda, born and raised in Brazil, moved to the US. Fernanda received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from the Federal University of Paraná, and she is currently a graduate student in the behavior analysis master’s program at the University of Houston-Clear Lake.


Fernanda has been reporting on her experience in the US through a website. Contact with behavior analysts and the behavior analytic literature are primary goals, to produce material for publications for the Brazilian community. Materials are selected based on the contributions of ABAI Fellows. After researching their work, Fernanda contacts them via email or in person and asks them two questions: a standard question (“Why are you a behavior analyst?”), and another question related to their work. Each brief interview is published in English and translated to Portuguese.


A Fonte e a Ponte is a personal and nonprofit initiative and has no affiliation with any professional organization or academic program. The SABA grant will allow Fernanda to buy behavior analytic textbooks related to the contributions of ABAI Fellows, and donate them to Brazilian behavior analytic graduate programs. The goal is to benefit as many programs as possible, and to provide resources and updated literature available in the US to researchers in Brazil.


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