2020: Guy Bruce

Appealing Solutions, LLC

Dr. Bruce thanks the SABA Board of Directors for awarding him a 2020 International Development Grant. He will use the money to speed completion of ProgressCharter, a web-mobile application that will make it easy for schools to use their EARS to change how people work together, so that all students can make efficient progress toward their educational goals.


EARS stands for Evaluate student progress; Analyze causes of staff performance problems; Recommend changes in staff resources, training, and management; and Solve performance problems by designing and implementing recommended solutions. EARS is a pragmatic change process, an application of behavior analysis to engineer the organizational performance of schools.


Dr. Bruce has partnered with a business leader and a special education professor in Chile to provide ProgressCharter to Spanish-speaking schools in Latin America, and to English-speaking schools throughout the world. Beta testers will have a choice of English or Spanish. Dr. Bruce will add other languages based on demand. If your school is interested in participating in a ProgressCharter beta test, you may reach Dr. Bruce at 309-303-1527 or guybruce@appealingsolutions.com.


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