2017: Guy Bruce

Appealing Solutions, LLC

Think of an agency that provides behavior analysis to children with learning difficulties as a highly adaptive organism with exquisite sensory and motor capacities. It can detect each child’s progress every day with respect to every language and social skill, quickly identify causes of inadequate progress, and change how it behaves, so that every child will learn efficiently. All its parts work together, supporting each other for the benefit of the children it serves.


ProgressCharter is an application that will make it easier for agencies providing behavior analytic services throughout the world to better serve children with autism and other learning difficulties. It is designed to record frequent, sensitive measures of child progress and staff performance; identify causes of inadequate child progress and staff performance; and make recommendations to change staff resources, training, and management, in order to ensure that agencies will be effective in helping every child achieve his or her goals.


It will operate on existing smartphone technologies, both Apple and Android, and allow staff to record measures of child and staff performance, even when users lack Internet access. It will allow users to link the performance of staff and child so that supervisors, staff trainers, program designers, teachers, students, and parents can receive the support they need to ensure that each child makes efficient progress toward learning the language and social skills needed for success.


MishaInfoTech, in Delhi, India, is currently working on the user interface, programming, and database needed for initial pilot testing. We will use data from user testing to ensure that ProgressCharter is both easy to use and useful to agencies that adopt it. I will be offering workshops and consultation to assist those agencies.


For more information on ProgressCharter and to sign up for pilot testing, please contact Guy Bruce, Ed.D., BCBA-D, at guybruce@appealingsolutions.com or 1-309-303-1527.


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