2023: Javier Virues-Ortega

ABA España

Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) is thrilled to announce an innovative project aimed at disseminating article collections in Spanish composed of selected articles from ABAI’s journals. With support from ABAI, this initiative seeks to bridge a significant gap in the availability of high-quality and up-to-date reference materials for Spanish-speaking students and professionals around the globe. The primary objective of this project is to curate and publish a yearly thematic book composed of key publications within a given subfield sourced from ABAI leading journals. These collections will cover a diverse range of topics within applied behavior analysis (ABA), including but not limited to teaching behavior analysis, cultural diversity and equity, ethics, translational research, and verbal behavior. This project will be made possible thanks to ABA España extended experience in producing and publishing high-quality reference materials for the Spanish-speaking community of behavior analysts with over 25 titles published over the last five years. The intended beneficiaries of this project are Spanish-speaking ABA students and professionals worldwide. By providing comprehensive and accessible resources in their native language, ABAI and ABA España aim to empower practitioners, researchers, and learners to enhance their understanding and application of ABA principles in their respective communities. The impact of this project cannot be overstated. Currently, the availability of authoritative ABA literature in Spanish is limited, hindering the growth and development of professionals in Spanish-speaking regions. By offering these collections of rigorously selected articles in their native language, we aim to promote inclusivity, knowledge exchange, and professional growth within the global ABA community. ABA España envisions this project as an ongoing effort to continually expand and update the literature base of the field in the Spanish language, incorporating the latest advancements in the field



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