2018: Kathryn Mendoza

ABA Training Solutions

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is increasing in popularity, but in the Philippines it is still largely unknown and misconceptions are many. For example, there are only a few Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) in the whole country. Kathryn Millano-Mendoza, the first native Filipina BCBA, runs a center for individuals with special needs. For eight years, she has worked hard to bring out the best in her clients using ABA principles, and to disseminate ABA to more Filipinos, she has also given free seminars about ABA, facilitated parent trainings, and developed a 40-hour RBT training. Despite these efforts, there is still limited awareness and understanding of ABA. Universities do not offer ABA courses, and there are few professionals or institutions dedicated to behavior analysis.


Grant funds, therefore, will be used to establish a collection of behavior analytic textbooks, journals, and training resources. ABA Training Solutions, a behavior analytic training company in the Philippines that Kathryn is working with, will provide space for these resources, and students, parents, and others will be able to freely access them. Teachers will have more opportunities to read relevant scientific literature to encourage evidence-based practices in their work with children with and without disabilities. Kathryn hopes that through this project the Philippines will have the potential to become a significant contributor to the field of ABA.


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