2018: Kenneth Madrigal

Universidad de Guadalajara

The Mexican Society for Behavior Analysis (MSBA) and the Centro de Estudios e Investigaciones en Comportamiento (CEIC) at the Universidad de Guadalajara are two of only a few institutions in Mexico that promote behavior analysis. Over the past 43 years, MSBA has contributed to the dissemination of behavior analysis through the open-access Mexican Journal of Behavior Analysis and annual conferences. During its first years, MSBA established links with public universities in order to integrate behavior analysis principles into their curricula. As a result, 27 years ago the CEIC was established, contributing to education and research development through its master's and Ph.D. programs.


Even when suitable conditions for behavior analysis can be found in Mexico, its scarce impact, along with increased interest in non-scientific descriptions of behavior and a lack of interest in understanding BA principles, has contributed to the establishment of undergraduate programs lacking a scientific basis.


MSBA recently decided to address this issue. Its Technology and Dissemination Commission will generate user-specific content for bachelor's students via social media, focused on behavior analysis principles and how they can be identified in real-life situations. Students will also learn about scientific approaches to dealing with problem behavior. The SABA grant will help fund this project, and matching funds from MSBA will be used to produce introductory videos, available on YouTube. We expect increased interest in behavior analysis courses and demand for their inclusion in university curricula.


Kenneth D. Madrigal, a doctoral student at CEIC, recently addressed members of the MSBA Technology and Dissemination Commission. He will be involved in the development and oversight of social media content for this project.


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