2005: Martti T. Tuomisto


Institute for Extension Studies, University of Tampere


Dr. Martti T. Tuomisto designed a program of study for 20 to 30 participants to learn behavior analysis well enough to become board certified. The course includes 210 hours of education and procedures over 2 years’ time to ensure careful and comprehensive learning. The course adheres to empirically validated behavioral principles and philosophical premises. This is done by using the recommendations of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) for task lists and content areas, as well as texts that have been used in earlier courses leading to certification (e.g., the texts described in BACB recommendations). Dr. Tuomisto wrote a Finnish text on functional behavior analysis to ensure that the terms and concepts are accurately and correctly used. Three professors have been responsible for the course: Martti T. Tuomisto, Ph.D.; Raimo Lappalainen, Ph.D.; and Tero Timonen, Psy.D. Upon completion, students become part of a network of skilled behavior analysts in Finland. Some of the participants have even become university teachers of behavior analysis and continue to teach behavioral principals to others in the country. 




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