2009: Monika Suchowierska

Warsaw School of Social Science and Humanities

This grant helped fund publication of the book Behavior Analysis From A to Z, which was the last stage of a process beginning in January 2007, when members of Polish ABA began creating and translating a glossary of behavior analytic terms to Polish. After preparing the glossary they decided to expand the project into a full book. Behavior Analysis From A to Z presents information on behavior analysis in a concise and original format. In Poland, there has been growing interest in behavior therapy, and there are now several centers that offer therapy based on the principles of applied behavior analysis. Unfortunately, there are only a few books in Polish that deal comprehensively with behavior analysis; therefore, Behavior Analysis From A to Z has become a useful resource. Additionally, as more individuals from academia—including scientist-practitioners—have focused their work on behavior analytic techniques, there has been a rise in courses on behavior analysis. Thus, the book has also become a useful tool for students.


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