2008: Morgan Chitiyo

Southern Illinois University

Dr. Chitiyo’s research interests are in the development, implementation, and evaluation of behavioral interventions for children who display challenging behavior in both school and non-school settings. He is especially interested in the identification of efficient and cost-effective models to transmit best practices in applied behavior analysis (ABA) across populations and settings. He is also interested in promoting the adoption of ABA principles in developing countries. Dr. Chitiyo believes that positive behavior support, with its ABA principles, can transform education systems around the world—particularly in Africa—by equipping schools with the capacity to engage all students via positive learning environments that promote active engagement of all learners regardless of disabilities. The funds from this grant went toward developing cost-effective educational programs in Zimbabwe that focus on training parents and schoolteachers to implement behavioral interventions and evaluate their efficacy. Additionally, the grant has helped Dr. Chitiyo explore how to use technology to facilitate consultation and technical assistance that can promote further international adoption and utilization of evidence-based practices.


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