2001: Naoko Sugiyama

Japanese ABA

In 2002, The Japanese Association for Behavior Analysis (Japanese ABA) held its 20th annual convention at Nihon University in Fujisawa. To celebrate, Japanese ABA put together a special symposium, inviting leading behavior analysts from Asian countries to discuss the history, present, and future of behavior analysis in Asia. The purpose of the symposium was twofold: to disseminate behavior analysis in Asia and to plant the seeds for an Asian league of behavior analysts. The International Development Grant was used to support the inclusion of these invited speakers, including vice president of the Korean Association for Behavior Analysis, Professor Joon-Pyo Hong (Chung-Ang University); former president of Japanese ABA, Professor Sigeo Kogbayasi (Kibi International University); psychology professor Dr. Yao Meilin (Beijing Teachers College); and associate professor of special education Dr. Wei-Chen Lan (Taipei Municipal Teachers College).


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