1999: Barry Parsonson & JaneMary Castelfranc-Allen Rawls

Republic of Georgia

Drs. Barry Parsonson and JaneMary Castelfranc-Allen Rawls were awarded an International Development Grant to conduct an intensive 2-week workshop on the practice and application of behavior analysis for children with developmental disabilities and war trauma in the Republic of Georgia. The grant supported workshop attendance and the printing of an applied behavior analysis (ABA) manual covering introductory principles and methodology. In 2004, the manual was translated into Georgian for use  at Tbilisi State University. In 2013, it was revised, with improved translation and additional detailed sections on single-subject design, graphic data analysis, and generalization. The manual continues to be published in Georgia for marketing to students at three Georgian universities offering introductory courses in ABA. Workshop attendees included individuals who are now involved in inclusive educational policy with the Georgian Ministry of Education and Science, university professors, and Georgia’s public school system. The support of SABA in this instance has been critical to advancing knowledge of ABA in Georgia.


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