2012: Rogelio Escobar

National Autonomous University of Mexico

Dr. Rogelio Escobar, associate professor of psychology at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, was awarded a SABA International Development Grant to teach students and professionals interested in behavior analysis the skills necessary to assemble behavior recording devices and build low-cost interfaces for operant conditioning experiments. Funds supported the purchase of demonstration materials to teach instrumentation skills in workshops held during academic events in Mexico. Attendees learned how to implement low-cost equipment for the development of new applications and laboratories. It is envisioned that such devices will increase the dissemination of behavior analysis not only in Mexico, but also in neighboring countries where resources or access to commercial equipment is limited. A version of the source code was provided for free to workshop attendees and is available online for interested behavior analysts to use with minimal to no modifications. Detailed instructions for assembling the devices were published in journals with international circulation to increase worldwide availability.


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