2021: Serife Yucesoy-Ozkan

Anadolu University

Podcasts have emerged as a new learning tool and are being used increasingly in education for over a decade. The students prefer to use podcasts because they perceive them as tools that provide them with advantages or benefits. The podcasts allow the audience to listen to the recordings independently, its cost is minimal, or the subscription is usually free and user-friendly. In Turkey, very limited applied behavior analysis (ABA) resources are available for students, practitioners, and families. Only three Turkish ABA textbooks are available, and there is no podcast on ABA. The lack of these sources and the necessity of online learning makes unique learning opportunities important. It is assumed that the podcast is the easiest and the trendiest way of sharing information to reach every person around the country, to introduce ABA, explain ABA background, reveal ABA literature, and disseminate ABA interventions.


The SABA International Development Grant will be used for ABA podcasts. The project will create an ABA podcast channel in Turkish, launch ABA podcasts weekly, and disseminate the podcast as a learning tool across the country. The project will help enhance learning and update existing knowledge of students, practitioners, parents, and the community for ABA background, topics, concepts, and principles. It is assumed that the project will increase the awareness and the knowledge of ABA interventions. It also will create a long-lasting impact on student, practitioner, parent, and community learning on ABA.


Dr. Yucesoy-Ozkan, Ph.D., is a professor of special education and researcher at Anadolu University. She has published peer-reviewed articles and conducted research projects on ABA-related topics. Also, she is the co-editor of an ABA textbook, and she has taught many ABA-related undergraduate and graduate courses. She is a charter member of the ABA Turkey Chapter.


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