2023: Sunyoung Kim

University of Illinois Chicago

Although the Special Education Improvement Act was enacted in 1994 in South Korea to ensure successful inclusion of students with disabilities, early childhood (EC) educators can become credentialed in early childhood special education (ECSE) by taking only a limited number of ECSE courses. The requirement of such few courses may indicate that theyy lack the in-depth knowledge necessary to implement behavioral interventions in inclusive settings. A recent study found that Korean teachers in inclusive classrooms have difficulty managing their classrooms and addressing diverse behavior issues due to a lack of professional knowledge and ongoing training. Given that Korea has extremely limited access to BCBAs and knowledge about applied behavior analysis (ABA), providing online training on evidence-based behavior interventions (EBI) that target the principles of ABA will enhance teachers’ ability to use these practices in their inclusive classrooms. The first goal of this project is to provide synchronous online training modules to 100 teachers in inclusive EC programs in Korea. The modules will offer comprehensive information about the principles of ABA, systematic instructional strategies, and methods for progress monitoring. Each training session will contain a case study, demonstration, and opportunities for practice. The second goal is to create a webpage for teachers that includes the pre-recorded modules and other resources. This webpage will serve as a platform for teachers to access and engage with training materials and provide a means to seek additional support from BCBAs. In the long term, this webpage will lay a foundation for future expansion, with a goal of disseminating ABA knowledge and resources that can benefit all EC teachers in Korea.



Sunyoung Kim, PhD, BCBA-D, is an Associate Professor in the Early Childhood Special Education at the University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) and Korean bilingual researcher. Her work has been focused on addressing the educational experiences of marginalized families and their children with autism spectrum disorders in the US. Emily Gregori is a BCBA and an Assistant Professor in Special Education at UIC. Her work examines methods for supporting individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities using person- and family-centered assessment and treatment programs. So Yeon Kim, PhD, BCBA-D is Korean bilingual. As an independent researcher, she explores instructional methods to improve academic and behavioral outcomes for students with developmental disabilities in educational settings.



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