2019: Suzie Repova

Catesbi CIC

Suzie Repova, MSEd, and her community interest company, Catesbi, disseminate the science of behavior and its applications to improve socially significant behavior in Scotland.


The SABA International Development Grant will support a project to create animated ABA videos, in collaboration with a university, for distribution among local influencers, university students, and parents. Video footage of behavior therapy sessions will be animated to ensure anonymity and privacy, and used as training tools. Funding will support discussions and training sessions, as well as the drafting of legal agreements for families. Accessible and comprehensive explanations of ABA techniques will be part of the videos.


Suzie trains parents in the basics of behavior and works with children as a behavior tutor under supervision of a BCBA. She also organizes workshops by BCBAs on varied topics. For this project she will manage the collaboration among all involved.


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