2014: Timothy Fuller

University of Nevada, Reno 

Timothy Fuller used the grant to support a parent training outreach project in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Goals include providing parents with behavior analytic instruction, building a parenting community based on behavioral principles, and training students to deliver behavior analytic instruction to non-technical audiences. Parent instruction consists of a series of three classes combining tutorials and experiential instruction for both common concerns and advanced topics. Behavior analysts in the region support a cohort of students enrolled in a certificate program—a joint effort between the University of Nevada, Reno Behavior Analysis Program and the Center for Autism Research in Riyadh. Students have the opportunity to extend their service experience to the general parenting population. Trainings will initially be taught in English, delivered by supervisors from the United States. However, successful trainings should result in a burgeoning group of behavior analysts in Saudi Arabia, and students from the program should be able to deliver future trainings in Arabic. The SABA grant helped the program acquire supplemental instructional supplies, including reference materials, data collection strategies and tools, and stimuli templates, which were distributed to parents who attended the classes.


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