2011: Tracy Pierce Bender

The Brent Woodall Foundation for Exceptional Children

This grant was used to the support the efforts of Targeted Intervention for Parent Support (TIPS), a program created by the Brent Woodall Foundation for Exceptional Children (BWF) and implemented by Cristi's Outreach Foundation in Barlad, Romania, to provide applied behavior analysis (ABA) intervention for economically impoverished children ages 0–6 years with autism and other developmental disabilities. TIPS addresses the shortfall in Romania's behavioral support services for children with deficits in language development, cognitive development, academic skills, self-help skills, and social skills and aims to train parents and caretakers to select appropriate goals for their children. Additionally, parents and caretakers are taught to collect and analyze data for their children's target skills. The TIPS program's efficacy is evaluated based on the number of target skills learned by each child, the accuracy of parent implementation of ABA programming, and social validity based on parent reports. The program continues to work to empower parents and caretakers to take an active role in child development.


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