2016: Tracy Yip

Social Bee

Teaching emotions to children with developmental delays is challenging in Hong Kong, especially since adequate teaching tools are not often available. Because of a strong focus on academics, the topic of emotions is frequently undervalued in Asian countries. Through the SABA international grant, Tracy Yip, MSSc, BCBA, will be working with other BCBAs and BCaBAs to develop materials to share with secondary schools in Hong Kong to promote the importance of learning emotions for students with special education needs (SEN) and to provide a related tool for teachers using applied behavior analysis (ABA).


The materials will focus on teaching primary and secondary emotions to Chinese-speaking secondary school students with diagnoses of ADHD, ASD or other SEN. Currently, these students are underserved as there is a lack of ABA training for teachers, and misconceptions are commonly found. The teaching materials will include a 12-session instructional manual, lesson plans, data collection materials, and activities for students that focus on identification and understanding of emotions. A BCBA and/or BCaBa therapist (with BCBA supervision) will demonstrate the use of this packaged program with students in schools, which will serve as training for teachers. The package, which will be given to each school along with the training sessions, will allow teachers to continue serving current students as well as benefit future students. The impact will be significant as it will not only introduce ABA strategies but will allow schools to replicate the program.


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