2009: Veneta Dimitrova

Columbia University

In Bulgaria, the lack of access to applied behavior analysis (ABA) literature has had a negative impact on the acquisition of behavioral terminology and further exposure to the literature investigating behavioral principles. Teachers who apply the science of behavior organize their teaching and curricula around scientifically derived principles and evidence-based methods. However, the implementation of pedagogical methods based on the principles of operant behavior is an unknown practice in Bulgaria‚ÄĒprofessors, students, and teachers who are not fluent in behavioral terminology do not have access to the existing empirical research. The International Development Grant was used to create two library resource centers with copies of major behavioral theory and practice works as well as a behavioral terminology glossary in Bulgarian. The acquisition of the terminological language of the science of behavior is a prerequisite for future specialist training in the methods of ABA. The target population includes professionals in the fields of special education, pedagogy, and psychology, such as professors, students, therapists, and teachers.


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