2003: Caio Miguel

Western Michigan University

Caio’s research interests include language development and acquisition in the area of verbal behavior. His master’s thesis evaluated the role of automatic reinforcement on the development of vocal behavior in children diagnosed with autism. The results of this study were published in The Analysis of Verbal Behavior. Caio has collaborated on several research projects, including evaluation of the interpolated reinforcement effect with preschoolers, use of tabletop conditional discrimination procedures to teach geography to children diagnosed with autism, and the study of the effects of multiple-tact and receptive-discrimination training upon the acquisition of word categories/intraverbal skills by preschoolers. Caio also taught several sections of the Introduction to Behavior Analysis Laboratory, served as Dr. Jack Michael’s teaching assistant, and taught two semesters of an undergraduate class. In 2002 and 2003, the Psychology Department and Graduate College at Western Michigan University gave Caio the department graduate research and creative scholar awards and the university-wide outstanding graduate teacher award. Caio has also studied the relationship between listeners' and speakers' repertoires in the development of arbitrary stimulus classes.


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