2010: Jade Hill


Arizona State University


Throughout her studies, Jade Hill has been interested in basic research. Her work has involved the mechanisms of classical and operant conditioning with a focus on behavioral allocation under the control of fixed, serial stimuli, as well as the inter-response time structures of variable-interval and variable-ratio schedules of reinforcement. In 2008, Jade began her postgraduate career in the behavioral processes lab at Arizona State University (ASU) under the supervision of Federico Sanabria and Peter Killeen. There she performed basic research on topics such as choice behavior, response structures of spontaneously hypertensive rats, behavioral inhibition, and the dynamics of classical conditioning. Her primary research has focused on impulsivity in rats and pigeons, using a variety of response-withholding tasks and predictive, quantitative modeling. Consistent with this interest, she led a collaboration with Nancy Eisenberg’s developmental lab at ASU in an attempt to extend the general procedures and models used in animals to assess impulsivity in the domain of child development.




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