2008: Jessica Frieder


Idaho State University


In 2005, Jessica decided to pursue her doctoral degree under the primary supervision of Dr. Stephanie M. Peterson and Dr. Lloyd D. Peterson at Idaho State University. There, she had the opportunity to work on a variety of research projects. Jessica served as the project coordinator for an Institute of Education Sciences grant for which Dr. Stephanie Peterson was the principal investigator. The study examined the effects of concurrent schedules of reinforcement and adjusting demand requirements on the communication, compliance, and problem behavior of children with various disabilities who display escape-maintained problem behavior in school-based settings. Jessica was also instrumental in research on collaborating with educators to conduct functional analyses via web-based technology and to design and implement reinforcement-based interventions. Jessica’s other areas of interest include effective social skills instruction, self-monitoring and self-management procedures as they relate to both academic and social behavior, the integrity with which behavioral strategies are implemented, and effective training for future teachers and other practitioners.




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