2020: Rebekah Lee

Endicott College 

Rebekah Lee received her MSP in speech-language pathology from the University of South Carolina and her MEd in applied behavior analysis and autism from Endicott College. As a dually certified professional, SLP and BCBA, she is particularly interested in verbal behavior as it relates to language learning and problem solving. She believes that in contrast to linguistic or cognitive theories of language development, the verbal behavior approach allows for a more empirical and systematic analysis. Other research interests include stimulus equivalence, instructional design, and interdisciplinary collaboration.


Rebekah will be completing the study for which the Bijou Grant was awarded as a Ph.D. student in applied behavior analysis at Endicott College under Dr. Mary Jane Weiss. The study will be conducted with students from her professional setting, a school district where she will have access to and a plan for collaboration with other speech-language pathologists, BCBAs, general educators, and special educators.


Rebekah’s project will be a replication and extension of a 2017 study by Jennings and Miguel that used tact training and intraverbal bidirectional naming with college students to establish generalized equivalence class performance. The replication will comprise four experiments in order to investigate bidirectional naming for establishing generalized equivalence classes with four age ranges. Subjects will be 5–10 students in each grade range of K4–2nd, 3rd–5th, 6th–8th, and 9th–12th who are considered typically developing and are not receiving special education services. As a replication and extension study, it will follow the original study's methods to the extent appropriate based on the participants’ ages and verbal skills. The project goal is to improve clinical/educational practice by providing an understanding of the ways verbal behavior skills contribute to general language acquisition, language learning, concept formation, and problem-solving skills. The Bijou Grant will assist with expenses for skills assessments, session materials, participant motivation, coding and analysis of data, and travel to the ABAI convention for presentation of results.


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