2006: Sarah O'Connor

National University of Ireland, Maynooth

In 2000, Sarah O'Connor relocated to Ireland, where she worked for the government evaluating psychometric test performances. This work led her to study the functional nature of intelligence and the modern behavioral perspective, which she employed to develop behavioral interventions for intellectual deficit. Her doctoral research, under the supervision of Dr. Bryan Roche, consisted of a systematic investigation into the educational value of multiple exemplar interventions for derived relational skills. A series of such interventions, using a combination of procedures provided by relational frame theory and the precision teaching tradition, have produced modest but promising increases in relational skills and IQ scores (compared to controls) in a sample of typically developing children. In her ongoing research, Ms. O'Connor plans to develop an integrated multiple exemplar intervention package that can be used in educational contexts with both typically developing and developmentally delayed children.


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