Scientific Translation

The Award for Scientific Translation is given either for (1) Impact of Science on Application or (2) Technology Transfer. This award replaces the Award for Public Service in Behavior Analysis. Nominees do not have to be members of ABAI. The Impact of Science on Application category is for experimental/theoretical innovations in behavior analysis with significant impact on applications. The impact should be demonstrated, but the winner does not have to carry out the applications. The Technology Transfer category is for an individual in the public or private sector who addresses socially significant problems using methods directly linked to behavior analysis or that effectively incorporate behavioral principles. 


Award Recommendation Details 

Current ABAI Full members may make award recommendations here. (Log in using your ABAI portal username and password.)


Previous Winners 

Anthony Biglan (2017)


Alan D. Poling (2016)


Ron Van Houten (2015)


George Bigelow and Maxine Stitzer (2013)


Pauline Horne and Charles Fergus Lowe (2012)


Dean L. Fixsen (2011)


William J. McIlvane (2010)


Previous Winners Under the Award for Public Service in Behavior Analysis

Thomas McKenzie (2009) 


Michael Keenan (2008) 


Henry Pennypacker (2007)


Robert Horner (2006) 


Robert Mager (2005)


Michael Hemingway (posthumously) (2004)


Douglas Carnine (2003)


Richard Malott (2002)


Kent Johnson (2001)


Charles Schuster (2000)


Gerald Shook (1999)


Aubrey Daniels (1997)


Previous Winners Under the ABA Award Committee 

Brian Iwata (1996)


Gina Green (1995)


John Jacobson (1994)


Previous Winners Under the Award for Impact of Science on Application 

Travis Thompson (2009)


Murray Sidman (2008)


Steven Hayes (2007)


Nathan Azrin (2006)


Howard Rachlin (2005)


Tony Nevin (2004)