2019: Fabio Tosolin

Fabio Tosolin has been introducing, spreading, and applying behavior analysis and organizational behavior management (OBM) principles in Italy and across Europe since the 1980s. In 1985, he founded his own consulting company, FT&A, which specializes in performance management (PM), learning technologies, and behavior-based safety (B-BS). FT&A has implemented hundreds of PM and B-BS processes in plants and construction sites in Italy and around the world. He is currently a professor of Human Factors in HSEQ Management in the Safety Engineering Master’s Degree Course, Faculty of Industrial Processes, at the Polytechnic University of Milan; and president of the Italy Associate Chapter of ABAI, which comprises the two oldest and largest Italian behavior analysis scientific societies: the Association for the Advancement of Radical Behavior Analysis (AARBA) and the Associazione Italiana di Analisi e Modificazione del Comportamento e Terapia Comportamentale e Cognitiva. Since 2003 he has also served as chair of AARBA's European Scientific Conference on OBM, PM, and B-BS.


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