2005: Aldo Hernández Barrios & Vladimir Bernal Alfonso

Universidad Católica de Colombia, Unidad de Servicios Psicológicos

Aldo Hernández Barrios and Vladimir Bernal Alfonso developed a program that allows undergraduate psychology students at the Universidad Católica de Colombia, Unidad de Servicios Psicológicos, to fulfill their professional practice work in a clinical setting. The curriculum has two main parts, the first focusing on behavior therapy and the second focusing on acceptance and commitment therapy. Part one covers the philosophical underpinnings of behavior analysis and their implications for clinical practice; single-case methodology; appropriate ways to molecularize and identify clinically relevant behavior; sensitive data collection, measurement, and interpretation strategies; and standard categorization systems. Part two covers acceptance and commitment therapy, and includes coverage of experiential avoidance, the differences between contingency-shaped and rule-governed behavior, the role of verbal behavior and private events in clinically relevant behaviors, and intervention strategies with respect to value systems and belief re-evaluation. The curriculum concludes by drawing parallels between behavior therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy. The program takes 30 weeks to complete. 


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