2020: Anna Young & Cheryl Young-Pelton

Montana State University, Billings

According to a 2018 article in Nature magazine, the top three “middle of nowhere” U.S. towns are in the largely rural state of Montana. Residents of rural areas have a significantly diminished likelihood of accessing necessary healthcare services, including ABA. The “ABA in the Middle of Nowhere” campaign aims to capture the attention of legislators, educators, caregivers, parent support groups, and healthcare providers to describe what ABA services can accomplish given current progress in technology, which is making training and behavioral consultation more accessible than ever.


The campaign will include information about how behavior analysis can offer effective, advanced, and respectful approaches to addressing behavioral needs. Its messaging will emphasize the value of informing state legislators about the benefits of behavior analysis so that policies may reflect progress, not barriers to service.


The SABA Public Awareness Grant will support production of a video that will be posted on social media and relevant websites as well as a radio commercial featuring messages from behavior analysts, educators, and service recipients attesting to the effectiveness of ABA. Funds will also be used to design brochures and flyers about ABA services and to host “Coffee With a Behavior Analyst” informational meetings across the state


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