Public Awareness Grant Recipients

Previous Winners

Maeve Donnelly, Northeastern University (2023)


Adam Hockman, MGH Institute of Health Professions & ABA Technologies (2023)


Angelika Anderson, Informing and Empowering New Zealand Parents of Autistic Children With Increased Access to Information on the Effectiveness and Behavior Analytic Interventions (2022)


Camilo Hurtado-Parrado, “No Es Cierto!” Countering Misinformation About Behavior Analysis in Spanish: Creation and Dissemination of Materials Based on an Evidence-Based Template by Paynter et al.(2019) (2022)


Jennifer Austin, UK Society for Behavior Analysis (2021)


Chaturi Edrisinha, Oakland University (2021)


Alexandra Herman, Hungarian Association for Behavior Analysis (2021)


Varsovia Hernández Eslava and Janet Enriquez, Universidad Veracruzana and University of North Carolina at Charlotte (2021)


Sunyoung Kim, Emily Gregori, and Veronica Kang, University of Illinois at Chicago (2021)


Frank Cicero, Seton Hall University (2020)


Jill Harper, Melmark New England (2020)


Kristine Jolivette, University of Alabama (2020)


Anna Young and Cheryl Young-Pelton, Montana State University, Billings (2020)


Lorraine Becerra, University of Missouri (2019)


Hedda Meadan, University of Illinois; Shiri Ayvazo, David Yellin College; and Hagit Inbar-Furst, David Yellin College (2019)


Teresa Rodgers, Division of Developmental Disabilities, Missouri Department of Mental Health (2019)


Mari Watanabe, New York State Association for Behavior Analysis (2019)