2019: Teresa Rodgers

Division of Developmental Disabilities, Missouri Department of Mental Health

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is infrequently associated with services provided in the fields of mental health (MH), substance use disorders (SUD), and aging. The goal of the current project is to increase understanding of the basic elements of ABA and specific information about its application to MH, SUD, and aging by a minimum of 35% from baseline among personnel at community mental health centers and area agencies on aging. Changes in participant knowledge will be measured using a pretest-posttest model.


Four Missouri-area behavior analysts (Teresa Rodgers, Rita Cooper, Lucas Evans, and Melantha Witherspoon) will conduct the project, which will include messaging in multiple formats. Initial participant presentation will be via live teleconference, which will be recorded and saved on the Missouri Department of Mental Health website. The investigators will conduct site visits for more focused presentations and question-and-answer sessions, and will also create and distribute brochures. These methods will allow multiple exposures to ABA and its usefulness for various problems. The investigators hope the messaging will encourage further exploration of ABA, as well as expand existing multidisciplinary networks in the state and facilitate collaboration across organizations.


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